‘Gawu Soyo’ Beach, the Uniqueness of Nature and Legend

An old marriage couple spent their vacation at Gawu Soyo Beach

A moment to waiting for twilight at Gawu Soyo Beach

For travelers who have visited Nias Island in the north, it is not perfect if they do not visit ‘Gawu Soyo’ Beach (Gawu Soyo is a Nias language language meaning “Red Sand”) which is quite unique because it has red sand. Uniquely again, the red sand is only 1 kilometer away.

Gawu Soyo Beach is located in Ombolata Village, Afulu Sub-district, North Nias Regency which is about 80 km from  Gunungsitoli Town (± 100km from Binaka Gunungsitoli Airport). To reach this beach need time around 2.5 – 3 hours journey that can be reached by motorcycle or car. This beach itself is still classified “Virgin” because of the lack of hustle and bustle of the outside world. So it is advisable if the travelers visiting here must get ready to bring lunch because this beach is not have a restaurant. This beach is able to provide security and comfort for every visitor because of the public awareness there to maintain a good image of the region as one of North Nias favorite tourism destination. Even at a certain moment on this beach travelers can see more closely the species of turtle which is a rare turtle in Indonesia.

One of rare turtle species in Indonesia

Well the traveler must wonder why the sand on the beach Gawu Soyo must be red? In this chance Wonderful Nias Holidays will discuss the caused. Check it out … !!!!

Sand is a granule material with a size of 0.0625-2 mm. Sand comes from a variety of objects, usually in the form of rocks that then due to experience a variety of processes turned into small grains. According to science, the phenomenon of the formation of red sand due to coral fragments, and calcium carbonate derived from marine animals there. In addition, this red color is also derived from a microscopic creature named Foraminifera which has a reddish body shell. Usually after they die and leave their shells, in a long time the shell is broken and become the material of constituent sand on the beach. Quite unique isn’t it ??

Scientifically colored sand is formed due to natural processes but for the people of Nias in general, there are legends that lie behind. It is said that in ancient times this beach is just an ordinary beach but since a Nias warrior named Laowömaru fighting against a giant dragon called Haria and kill it, the dragon’s blood splash to Gawu Soyo Beach so that the color of the sand finally red. A legend can be true, or not, back to the travelers comprehension to believe it or not, Wonderful Nias Holidays only help to tell one of the uniqueness of the tourist destinations on the island of Nias.

Well now still do not sure to visit the Nias Island in order to prove itself how the red sand of Gawu Soyo Beach ?? What are you waiting for right now??? Don’t just be loyal readers and listeners only, just call Wonderful Nias Holidays, we are ready to accompany your trip.

Wonderful Nias Holidays, a step for journey. (Widia)

Travellers at Gawu Soyo Beach

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