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March 3, 2016
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July 15, 2016
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A cycling tour of North Nias is the perfect way to explore this part of the island. With a huge variety in scenery, terrain and road conditions there is something to suit everyone. And best of all, there is very little traffic here! Out in the countryside (95% of the island) there are few cars and most of the traffic consists of motorbikes and bicycles. Your biggest challenge will be to avoid chickens and ducks as you bicycle through countryside villages. Biking on Nias allows you to immerse yourself in this remote part of Indonesia in a way that very few tourist ever get the change to do.

The coastline offers easy biking with flat, mostly surfaced roads in good condition. The road often runs parallel to stunning beaches, and there will be many opportunities for a refreshing swim. Most of the coastal road is lined with swaying coconut trees and there are many small fishing villages along the way.

The interior is very green and hilly. This is also where the most interesting bike tracks can be found. Many of the tracks in the hills were built specifically for motorbikes and are only one meter wide. These tracks give bikers exclusive access to areas where others can’t go. The interior receives very few outside visitors and it’s not uncommon to meet people who do not understand Indonesian or have never seen foreigners before. Along the way there are many opportunities to explore waterfalls, caves and traditional houses built in the unique North Nias style.

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